Tomorrow is election day. You may have questions and I would like to help my fellow Americans in knowing the ins-and-outs of voting tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6th, 2018.  

Have you registered to vote? If so, where do you go to cast your vote? What is going to be on my personal ballot? The website to answer these questions and so much more is

This site can show if you are registered to vote and where to go to cast your ballot in the midterm general election. The next general election will be 2020. By definition this is the middle of the term, 2016 and the next election in 2020.  

Do you know what is going to be on your personal ballot? I would like to ensure you have the tools and information to make an informed decision tomorrow. Below is what’s going to be on my personal ballot.

U.S. Representative

SC Governor

SC Lieutenant Governor

SC Secretary of State

SC Comptroller General

SC State Superintendent of Education

SC State Treasurer

SC Attorney General

SC Commissioner of Agriculture

SC State Representative

Referendum - Amendment 1, To make the position of state superintendent of education an elected or governor-appointed position.

5th Circuit Solicitor

Richland County Council District 1

SC Senate District 20 


Depending on where you live this will vary. All South Carolinians are voting on the Governor of South Carolina. Henry McMaster has served for the last 2 years of Nikki Haley’s term, and is the incumbent.  Pamela Evette is his running mate for Lieutenant Governor. The opponent is James Smith for Governor and Mandy Powers Norrell for Lieutenant Governor. will give you additional information on all of the candidates to help you make an informed decision. This can seem complicated and time consuming because we all have busy lives, but it is our civic duty as Americans to take the time to vote.

I hope the the information I have provided will help you to go into the 2018 election day more informed and confident.

Just like trying to figure out the voting process on your own, buying or selling your home is complicated, too. I would like to help keep you informed and guide you through the real estate process. Please call me with any questions, I am here to help.

Get out there and vote!

By: Jessica Canaday