Christopher Browning

7522 Irmo Drive, Suite 4, Columbia, SC 29212

My name is Christopher Browning, although I usually go by “Riff”. Born and raised in Columbia, I attended and graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. The  initial plan was to go right into graduate school but after college, I worked a job as a title abstractor. That position sparked my interest in real estate. Not long after that began my time as a real estate appraiser, in 2011. Starting in 2014, I had the opportunity to work as an appraiser for the Lexington County Assessor's Office. It allowed me to experience everything from rural properties to lake properties. 

My best friend, Katie, and I have been married since 2011. We have two rescued fur babies who keep us busy and entertained!  Our home is Irmo and we love the convenience of everything it has to offer. When I am not working, I enjoy being out on the lake, fishing or just relaxing on the boat. My decision to become a real estate agent was driven by my want to help buyers and sellers find their dream homes. I believe with my appraisal background and knowledge, I can help you buy the property of your dreams or sell your property at a competitive price.

Get to know Riff...

What is your favorite restaurant in the Midlands?

"San Jose..... chips and queso."

Who is the World's greatest Band/Artist?

"Led Zeppelin (although I love reggae.)"

Do beans belong in chili? 

"Beans can go in chili."

What is your favorite movie? 

"Dumb and Dumber."

What scares the crap out of you? 

"Heights (unless strapped in.)"

What is your favorite event in the Midlands? 

"Football games/events on the Lake."

Carolina or Clemson? 


What would be the most difficult thing to cut out of your diet?

"Peanut M&M's."

Who is your favorite Yellowstone Character?