When preparing your house for sale, it’s easy to get carried away by major house improvement projects. In some cases, complete makeovers are not necessary. A few repairs on high-impact areas will equally increase your house’s value by improving its functionality and general appearance. To help you navigate the house makeover, J. King Real Estate shares some helpful tips on areas with a high impact.

Complete the Necessary Repairs

When you've lived in your house for a while, you get used to some of the flaws and learn how to live with them. This is a sign of neglect for new buyers, so ensure you fix all those things you keep overlooking. 

For instance, you can start by inspecting your windows. If some need to get repaired or replaced, get in touch with contractors that offer window repair services. You’ll find that rates change depending on the type of windows you want and the type of services you need. 

For best results, be specific in your search, using keywords like ‘casement window repair near me’ to find a specialist. You can find information on some companies online, so start by reading a few customer reviews to check the quality of their work. Another option is asking them to refer you to satisfied customers. Verify their credibility, and check if they have insurance and a valid license.

Outside your house, check for large cracks on the pathways, missing shingles, patio pavers, and tuckpointing. Fix loose railings and broken windows, panes, and doors for security purposes. Adding a wooden deck will drive your house value up and accelerate the time frame as well. If you already have a deck, look out for cracks in floorboards and refinish the surface. 

You can consult the J. King Real Estate team to highlight the crucial repairs your house requires to save you both time and money.

Replace the Roof

Most buyers will go for the house with the newest roof to avoid the cost of repairing leaking roofs. A new roof will help you sell your house faster, and it will recoup the money you spend on resale by about 107%. If it’s beyond your budget, you can consider negotiating a lower price with potential buyers.

You can do some repairs for a relatively new roof, such as fixing any leaks or replacing some shingles. Regardless of your experience in DIY jobs, it's always advisable to hire a professional due to the risky nature of the work. 

If you're more inclined on DIY, here are some tips:

  • Take care not to cause more damage by breaking the tiles or features like the chimney.

  • To protect you from slipping, wear shoes with rubber soles.

  • Ensure you have someone on the ground as a lookout.

  • If there’s bad weather like wind or rain, don’t attempt going to the roof.

Double Glaze the Windows

Living near a public road or public amenities can be noisy sometimes. This harms the value of your house. To curb this, you can double-glaze your windows. Double glazing will reduce the noise level considerably and help in retaining heat. This will drive your house value up as it becomes more energy efficient.

Install a Backsplash

Adding a backsplash in your kitchen adds value to your house. You can install one behind the hob. It will protect the paint or wallpaper from splatter when cooking, leaving no stains in the kitchen. It also forms a water barrier to prevent mold or mildew from growing.

You’ll find different designs and materials such as ceramic tile, glass, metal, or wood. When selecting the perfect one for your house, keep in mind the theme you have in the kitchen. Besides the added convenience, it will enhance the overall beauty of your house.

Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings were once popular, but now they reduce the value of your house and can potentially discourage buyers. They were banned from use due to the presence of asbestos, which is hazardous and carcinogenic.

Having them removed will add a modern look to your house. With the right equipment, you can remove them yourself, but ensure you take precautions. The removal process disturbs the fibers, which can end up in your lungs. Before you start, have the material tested for asbestos by professionals. 

Fill Holes and Cracks in the Walls

As time goes, wear and tear can lead to the wall plaster getting holes, cracks, or chips. Before applying a fresh coat of paint, ensure you repair these imperfections. It will improve the general appearance of your house and drive the value up.

Knockdown Walls to Create Open Plan Living Spaces

Most house buyers today prefer open-plan living spaces. Such rooms bring in lighter inside your house, make the house seem more spacious, and allow the rooms to have multiple purposes. You can leverage this plan to make your house more valuable. 

Again hiring a professional is advisable to avoid knocking down load-bearing walls and other potentially costly damages, as well as accidents and injury. And finally, reach out to the J. King Real Estate team for assistance. Call 803-386-9488.

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