Lugoff is an unincorporated neighborhood in the Town of Elgin, SC.  The town has gone through numerous name changes, including Jeffers and Blaney. The railroad put this small town on the map in the early 1900's (population of 1,579 as of 2018), but it wasn't until 1962 that then State Senator John West recruited the Elgin National Watch Company to relocate to the area, that the town saw a resurgence in the post World War era. Due to the amount of money Elgin poured into the community and the hundreds of jobs that it offered (most of which were women), residents overwhelming voted to change the Town's name from Blaney to Elgin. 


The Town calls itself the "Home of the Catfish Stomp." In 1976, in an effort to put the Town on the map, they hosted the first Catfish Stomp, where they served over 600 gallons of fish stew. The tradition continues in present day, being held on the first Saturday in December. The famous fish stew is still served, along with fried fish. The Stomp is accompanied by a huge Christmas parade, enjoyed by thousands every year. The proceeds of the Stomp benefit the Elgin Police Department Toys Roundup and Caring Hands Foundation.


One of the local landmarks in Elgin is White Pond, which is surrounded by much folklore and mysticism. With a lack of  a sufficient in-flow and no visible inlet or outlet, the pond is believed to had "sprung up." Numerous excavations have been undertaken to discover the heritage of the pond. President Dwight D. Eisenhower has fished this pond. 


The Town celebrated it's Centennial Anniversary on January 23, 2008, commemorated by the erection of a clock in the courtyard of "Centennial Park."


Modern-day Elgin retains it's small town feel, but boasts modern municipal buildings and services. With highly rated schools and a very low crime rate, Elgin offers a family friendly environment for it's residents. With plenty of food and shopping options, you will not have to travel far for your all of your culinary and essential needs. On August 12, 2022, Lisa Guerrero of Inside Edition featured Elgin restaurant "Ronnie's Ribs" as best in BBQ. 


For more information, check out the Town of Elgin's website