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How to Turn a New House into a Warm, Welcoming Home


Now that you have bought a new house, you may feel that the newness and neutral nature of the home are less-than comforting. While the blank slate of beige walls and minimal decor from when the house was staged for sale may have drawn you to make an offer, you’re probably looking to personalize the home for your own needs and comfort. Sure, over time your home will take on your family’s personality, but rather than waiting for a yearlong wearing in process, use some of these techniques to make your house feel like your home.

Add personality to the entrance
Even if you do not use the front door as your primary entrance way, this area is the perfect place to add some personality that you will see every day. Start with the front door. If the home is otherwise neutrally colored on the outside, such as with white, grey or beige siding, paint the front door a bold hue. Brick red, mint green, or royal blue will get everyone’s attention and infuse your color preference. Pick whatever color speaks to you. It’s just a door, and you can always repaint it later.

While you are painting the door, there are additional curb appeal-focused jobs that can be conduits for your personality. Jazz-up the front landscaping with some of your favorite plants. Add a planter, garden bench or seasonal wreath to the front porch. 

Create comfort indoors
The most impactful personalization for your home will occur inside, where you will spend most of your time. Focus on comfort zones - in areas such as where you will watch television, use the computer, read, eat or relax. Spend some time trying different furniture arrangements until you find the ideal setup for your favorite activities. Add throw pillows and blankets to your couches and chairs. They are functional decorations that reflect your taste and provide a cozy spot for napping.

Create warmth with photos and art
There once was a time when homes were adorned with photos. Now, more people carry their photo libraries around on their phones, rarely printing their memories. Make a photo collage on a frequently traveled wall in your home, such as in a stairway. Buy an assortment of photo frames and fill them with memories old and recent. Pay homage to relatives and pets, or just grab your favorite Instagram posts from the last few years.

Add some color and inspiration to your walls through your favorite artwork. Visit local art galleries to enhance your home with some unique, one-of-a-kind art. Coffee shops often feature the work of local artists and depending on your town, so you may be able to get something special for around the same cost as a framed print from furniture or home decoration store. If your family enjoys a particular vacation tradition, you can bring some of the art from that location to your walls. Whether it’s a mountain scene or a beach vista, you can recall comforting and relaxing memories that carry meaning for your entire family.

Add real warmth with a fireplace
If your home doesn’t have a gas or wood-burning fireplace, you can replicate the look and feel inexpensively with an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces add warmth and save on heating bills since you switch them on only when you need their heat. Installing these features now, well before the cold of winter, is ideal. You may find off-season deals and contractor schedules will be much more open. These fireplaces come in a variety of sizes and can be paired with all sorts of mantle and surround designs.

There are many ways to bring your family’s personality into your new home quickly. You will enjoy making your home a reflection of your style.


Article provided by Natalie Jones from Natalie enjoys writing about home buying and hopes to inspire homeowners of all stages enjoy the perks of homeownership!