Jessica Canaday, Real Estate Agent with J. King Real Estate, talks about the benefits of home ownership, knowing when to transition from rent to home ownership, and the correct steps to make that move.



  Today I would like to plant a seed to turn your rent into home ownership.



Let’s ask the right questions to help you make an informed decision.


How long will you be living in your home?  The longer the better.  Home ownership creates stability in your community, financially, and professionally, just to name a few.


What is your financial situation?  I can partner you with a local lender to advise you on what you can buy and when to transition your rent into home ownership.


Gene Robertson with Movement Mortgage can answer all of your lending questions.




“What can I afford to buy?” With little to no money down a $1200 monthly payment can get you into a $180,000 home.


Gene has provided an interesting graphic to help you visualize the benefit to turning your rent into a mortgage payment.



Let’s look at your options. Please call me today for more information.

Jessica Canaday, J. King Real Estate, 803-413-3995