Welcome to Riverfront Park! Built around the City of Columbia's original waterworks, this is the site of the world's first electrically operated textile mill. Visitors can view the mill along with Columbia's original hydraulic plant, which is not only the oldest in the state, but is still fully functional. 

Opened in 1983, the historic site is approximately 167 acres, and separates the Columbia Canal and the Congaree River. Boasting a 2 1/2 mile trail that runs linear to the river, this is a popular walking/jogging spot that offers breathtaking water views. Riverfront park offers visitors a beautiful brick Amphitheatre which hosts numerous concerts and live events, such as "Riverfest" and "Greekfest." Another impressive feature is the park's 7-piece outdoor gym, which includes a Lat pull down and vertical press, rower, 2-person wheelchair accessible chest press, 4-person leg press, an elliptical cross trainer, 4-person pendulum, and a 3-person static combo.

In 2015 Riverfront Park erected a monument of a Vietnam War infantry man and his loyal canine, affectionately named "War Dogs." There is also a granite monument that pays tribute to the builders of the canal, which is inscribed "In Memory of the Irish Who Built the Canal...They were indentured to the River they linked."

There is a North Entrance (4122 River Drive) and a South Entrance (312 Laurel Street.)