Your efforts to support the Epworth Children’s Home last year, during Christmas, was a grand success. The J King Real Estate brokerage is looking to help again. This time our focus is helping the Epworth Children’s Home with supplies for the upcoming school year. Epworth is a facility, located in Columbia, SC, that cares for children from severely stressed family systems and their goal is to nurture and love them by providing education, counseling, medical care and spiritual enrichment. Their aim is to break the destructive cycle of abuse, neglect and shame and replace it with an opportunity for each child to live a life of self-respect, responsibility and productivity.



The organization has created a wish list with Amazon to make it easier for us to donate to their organization. When you purchase using this wish list, the needed amounts are automatically adjusted to help the organization and the children get exactly what they all need. The wish list also makes it easy by automatically populating the Epworth Home’s shipping address.


Listed below is a link to the Epworth website which will take you to the Epworth’s web page where you can read about their specific needs and links to help them this season. Although the list is extensive, we want to encourage you to send at least one thing. We could really make a major impact on their lives by doing this simple thing. Please take action by August 7, 2021, to accommodate their school supplies needs. If you are not using their wish lists, their shipping address is Epworth Children’s Home, 2900 Millwood Avenue, Columbia, SC 29205.


Direct link to Epworth's Amazon School Supplies List


If you would like to look at other donation opportunities, please view this link